What types of AT are avaible for students with physical disabilities?

For my 20% Blog Project I have chosen to research the different types of AT that are available for students with physical disabilities. This topic is very broad but offers a large source for information. I will be able to cover low tech, mid tech, and high tech assistive technology.

I work at a private school for children with special needs. A large portion of our student population have some sort of physical disability. We are always looking for new ways to incorporate assistive technology in the classrooom for all of our students. Not only will I benefit from this research project, but so will other teachers, paraprofessionals, parents and students.

To begin my research I will utilize the Google search engine and also Twitter. I am following Ian Bean, @SENICT, who is a special needs AT Consultant/Trainer and also @SpecialEdGuide. They are just the surface of what I intend to discover for my blog. I am excited to see what I can find!


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